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Bringing real, nutritional and healthy food closer to people. "We are what we eat!" & "Food is the primary energy source on our planet!". These two simple principles drive our everyday job.

Together with passionate people that grow and ensure our future feeding the World. Sustainability and Biodiversity are our main drivers to select producers and products!
Choosing ethical, environmentally friendly and biodiverse food products is an important change humanity has to make to preserve the future of our planet and next generations. 


Intensive agriculture and highly transformed products are having big negative impacts on our health and our planet too.

“Knowledge makes you free”(Socrates)Only those who know are capable of choosing! The broader the knowledge, the higher the quality of life of people. 
Leveraging on existing technologies, integrating them in lean and independent systems to bring closer to humanity the "Real healthy food, fresh and traced", to answer to our customers questions: Where, How, Who, When, my food has been made?

We believe the real metrics to buy food should be £££/nutritionals, how much nutritionals do I get with £1 of a specific food? Nutritionals like Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Antioxidants, etc. depend from the quality of the food. If the soils where fruits and veggies are grown is pour of nutritionals, our food will be only composed of water and low levels of pomp

EGRO' Story


EGRO’ is the first digital interactive and immersive Grocery.

EGRO’ means Experiential Grocery, where you can discover about the origin and the taste of the food, about the story of the producers and the territories.

In store and online integrated experience creates a space where user-friendly technologies help to discover new food and the way it is made, where taste engages the senses and drives real conscious food shopping.

We have a unique selection of Made in Italy products, high quality, rare and unique, fresh, functional, organic, also free from and veg.

Selena and Alessandro, together with our team, have selected each single speciality you can find at EGRO’.

We work closely with the producers, both with very small and medium companies, all committed to build a more sustainable agricultural, natural food, healthier environment and biodiversity future.

We love tradition and innovation at the same time, tradition and perfection are the fruits of continuous innovation.

Italy is a master in the World for the perfection in any Art!

Food is the richest expression of a culture, its soul and evolution!

In our shop we integrate cutting hedge technologies, like QrCodes, Podcasts, Videos, Certifications, Blockchain, that drive customers into a mindful experience and conscious choice.

EGRO’ is also:

> a fine Cafeteria, Bistro and Wine Spirits Shop

> an events space for tasting and food classes, we share culture about food

> a showroom space where you can find and try out excellent food products just like in a permanent trade fair

> a multichannel Grocery, where in-store and online are integrated to give the most complete, user-friendly and emotional experience


Our shop is also a nice Italian cafeteria and bistro, come to taste our specialties and book for your private/corporate event. We offer a cosy and stylish ambience, casual but professional, with a lot of taste!

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Selena has a polyhedral career, in marketing and communication, she traveled the world and worked for big international brands, then she was intercepted by the world of content production for television first, and online digital communities later.

She lived in Italy and opened new deals in Bolivia, Brasile and Bali.

She has always been passionate about stories, has a habit of collecting tales, anecdotes and snooping between the lines, she writes continuously, has published 6 books and produces podcasts on Italian food, design and crafts, cinema and travel on the Loquis platform.

She considers food a bridge between cultures and people around the world.

Alessandro is a management engineer and Italian innovator with a vocation for internationalization.

He has lived, studied and worked in Australia and California.

A surfer and passionate about skiing and outdoor sports, he has the dream of creating a new food system where people can meet around the table of sustainability, biodiversity and quality.

Selena and Alessandro met to develop food crowdfunding projects in 2015, at the time of the Milan Expo.

Since 2018, they have been a couple in life and work with the common goal of sharing, generating knowledge, distributing excellence and creating fun moments of contact between people and producers.

EGRO' is a new way of experiencing FOOD!

Where you can experience and fully enjoy the meaning of Quality while respecting Nature and Living Well.