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Italy is in our hearts, and in the hearts of all of you who have always supported us and followed us in our journey. We’ve always been overjoyed to share with you, may it be in the mornings around a coffee or the evening around a glass of wine, in our Egro London in Angel.

The purpose of this title  “Italy in My Heart”, is to create a Club Aperto (Open Club) of people who get excited and feel their heart race at the mention of “Italy”.
Maybe thinking about that time when...
    • someone in the family told you about their Italian origins
    • you took a trip to an Italian city or to one of the diverse regions of Italy
    • tasted a typical dish accompanied by a delicious wine
    • have chosen a handmade object or garment created in Italy
    • watched a film or listened to a piece of music that took them back to Italy in their imagination
    • listened to the stories of friends or Italians in the famous streetcar named desire...

When we launched our Egro' The Experiential Grocery and wrote  "100% authentically Italian" on our storefront, we did it with the desire to offer a direct experience into Italy and what it represents to us to as many people as possible, in an approach that transcends borders.

Italy, which has always been at the centre of the Mediterranean, is a land in-between, rich in history and stories, with territories that over the centuries have seen people arrive and mingle, thus making space for that special something that we find in regional and typical products, handicrafts, and in the spirit that exalts creative people, designers, producers and farmers. A spirit that is particularly dear to us.

But how much do we really know about 'Italian' products beyond the clichés?
And what does 'Italian' mean?
There is currently a debate going on in the world of food and catering, whereby saying 'Italian restaurant' or 'Italian menu' may lack substance. 
One should instead decline that adjective into regional or territorial ones. 
We can say Sicilian, Apulian, Piedmontese, Tuscan, Alto Adigean, Roman, Milanese and so on.
But Italian still applies if we go outside the agri-food sphere.
Italian craftsmanship, design, fashion as the application of the concept of style, elegance, balance but also innovation and avant-garde belong in the same way to southern, central and northern Italy.
But Italian in turn, in our opinion, is synonymous with synthesis, with the fusion of cultures and peoples. That privileged position in the centre of the Mediterranean has always made Italy unique in its diversity.

Both Alessandro and I have always gone around the world to export and disseminate Italian culture as much as possible through sensory experiences: eating and drinking, wearing and touching, appreciating and watching, listening, with that spirit (also typical of Italians) of explorers and traders that distinguishes us. It is thanks to this that we have met thousands of like minded people who love what we can share, and that has led us, almost a year after Egro London's first opening, to set up a highly engaging week.

Hence, the idea of “Italy in My Heart” was born: To celebrate EGRO’s 1 year anniversary from the 14th to the 20th of November 2022, we have organised a whole week of events around our defining values Gastronomy, Sustainability, Art and Culture as a whole.

The events we have designed will allow us to fully dedicate our space and platform to the topics and themes we have at heart, it is thus with much excitement that we share the following calendar with you. It will be updated day by day and here there just the first events already planned:

Monday the 14th:
-Roundtable on the theme of Sustainability in Food and in general.
Because it is our heartfelt priority as well as a global emergency that can no longer be overlooked, in which we can all be actors

Wednesday the 16th:
-Meet and greet with Producers, Designers and Artists

Thursday the 17th:
-Italian aperitivo and a discovery of italian Amari

Friday the 18th:
-Italian Wines and truffles experience

Saturday the 19th:
-Fashion show and Prosecco

Sunday the 20th:
-An afternoon of Italian music 
Be ready and free!

Follow us, and share your ideas at all times! The concept of a Club Aperto is just that! All participants are protagonists and free to propose projects, to participate, to involve others.

Write to us in our contact section here on the site.