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Taste, Excite and Go!

Taste, Excite and Go!

The world is a mosaic of food and wine experiences, an invitation to explore regions through the distinctive flavours of their wines and traditional dishes. Imagine planning your next adventure not just on the basis of tourist attractions, but rather on the emotions that the food and wine of an area can awaken in your senses. 

This is why we have created a new format: Taste, Excite and Go.

The first event will feature Italian wine as the protagonist, also combined with local delicacies.

We will take a virtual tour of Italy and our guests will also receive a map with stories and anecdotes, an excellent starting point for planning their own journey to discover products, producers and flavours.

Which regions will be the protagonists of the event on 8 February?

Tuscany: The Elegance of Chianti and Rustic Flavours

Tuscany, with its undulating landscapes, is famous for its Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino wines. Sip these elegant wines accompanied by rustic dishes like ribollita and bistecca alla fiorentina. Each bite is a journey through the culinary history of this fascinating region, rich in hilly landscapes and the cradle of the Italian language, and the birthplace of world-famous artists such as Giotto, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Piedmont: Refined Wines and Truffle Flavours

Piedmont is the kingdom of Barolo and Barbaresco, full-bodied and refined wines that go well with truffle-rich dishes such as tajarin al tartufo or fondue. This region, surrounded by the Alps, offers a veritable symphony of seasonal flavours. Together we can discover royal Turin and the magnificent Langhe.

Sicily: The Explosion of Mediterranean Flavours

Moving south, Sicily delights us with a variety of wines such as Nero d'Avola and Marsala. Savour fresh fish, arancini and cannoli as you lose yourself in the narrow streets of cities like Palermo and Siracusa. Sicilian culinary art is a journey through the history of Mediterranean influences.

Campania: Authentic Tastes of Neapolitan Cuisine

Campania, and Naples in particular, is famous for its pizza and Lacryma Christi wine. Enjoy a real Neapolitan pizza and discover the delights of the local cuisine, such as pasta alla Genovese and sfogliatella. Food here is an expression of passion and tradition, it is joy and colour at the same time.

Veneto: Sparkling Wines and Flavours of the Sea

The Veneto gives us Prosecco and Soave wines, perfect to accompany fresh fish dishes. From Venice to Verona, immerse yourself in a romantic dinner with Venetian cicchetti and risotto with cuttlefish ink. Every corner of this region is a culinary experience to remember.

In Italy, every region is a food and wine universe to explore. Choose your destination according to the flavours that excite you most, let yourself be carried away by fine wines and traditional dishes. Italy is ready to surprise you with a sensory journey that will remain in your heart and palate. 

At Egro' we take you to Italy and build your own personalised food and wine journey, with addresses of producers and farmers, tailor-made and unique experiences that would otherwise be impossible.

So start booking our event on 8 February and then....

Buon Appetito e Buon Viaggio!